Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Wee bit from "Two All - All for One".

A wee section from the book I'm busy formatting when I amn't blogging complete gibberish.  Some of the names I'm not using  here because I don't want to spoil any wee reveals for anyone who may be bold enough to read the whole thing when I eventually get it published on kindle - I'll just use empty brackets. Here goes........

   "Sounds like you have an actual Guardian Angel," ( ) said.
   "Guardian Psycho more like," Degs interjected.  Layla snorted out a laugh before she could stop herself. ( ) gave them both a dirty look.
   "Aw, come on, that was funny," she said, funny and true, by the way, she does seem to be...fairly fucking mental." She put up her hands in a conciliatory manner. "Hey, I'm not saying it's a bad thing!"
   "This 'psycho' saved my life - probably all of our lives, so can it, both of you," ( ) told them.

   The Guardian's eyes flickered open then and she shakily raised her head to look around at them all for moment.
   "I must sleep again now," she said closing her eyes. "But before I do I will tell you a story.  Once, long before any of you existed in any form at all, there were a people who were misguided enough to worship me as a god.  They made sacrifices of their enemies to appease me - to quell my wrath.  I found it dull, so I decided to enliven things by decapitating anyone who dared look upon me, and in those days, I was a sight to behold.  But you humans are an adaptable species and soon learned. So I began decapitating anyone who had the audacity not to gaze at me in awe.  And why did I do these things? Because it amused me," she paused. "That, I believe, was the behaviour of a psychcopath or a 'psycho', if you will.
"I do still have my decapitating sword, but nowadays I only use it to prop open a window in the summer.  I have come a long way. However, it you people do not all buzz off and leave me in peace - I may well regress."

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