Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Steampunk Post Office

Have just spent the evening filling out an application form - (on line - I fricking hate that) - for a job I don't really want but need to apply for in order to make the world of the Buth (see previous post for explanation) easier - it's not a biggy - not a biggy at al,l but it's just all the bureaucratic bullshit I had to wade through to get there that was a pain. I HAD TO WRITE £0.00 A MILLION TIMES!!  Meanwhile, I have the lovely, brilliant writer Chris Ward standing in the wings to review my book blurb for me  - purely because he is a very nice person! AND I HAVE TO PUT HIM ON HOLD FOR THIS - *deep breath* - but it's not, as I said, a biggy and I am sure Mr Ward isn't waiting with baited breath (is that how you spell that "baited" - because that sounds like breath that would smell of fish to me - maybe that's because I'm from Ullapool) for my book blurb.

One of the questions on my application thingy piqued my interest, however: how much I'd be spending on uniforms. How much, indeed, would it cost to dec out me and my compadre, Joan, (unwillingly, in her dear case) in full Steampunk regalia and would it be more than the meagre wage they (the nameless big organisation, not the dear Buth) are willing to pay - HELL YES!  Bustles, top hats, goggles, fob watches, riding boots, granny boots, stylised weaponry, frock coats, waistcoats - none of these things are cheap - but, they'd be so much fun to sport on a daily basis behind the counter - even bloomers.  I do have some of the above already (not the bloomers I hasten to add) but how great would it be to have work issue ones and not that I'm naming the big organisation or anything, but actual vintage POST OFFICE garb!

We have a date stamp we use, there's old year stamps in the box - goes back to 1928 (at least).  Love that box so much - oh! I have a picture, I'll post it, it's from when I was temporary post mistress.  The date stamps from the seventies  are all done in...d'you call it bubble? It's the font they used for Top of the Pops.

Tonight's tune - since we are talking all things Steampunk - has to be Panic! At the Disco's "Ballad of Mona Lisa - watch the video - Love this song and GREAT outfits!!

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