Sunday, 3 March 2013

I've Lost The Freaking Cheese!

So, I've learned one must have headings - see above - but the most important thing here is - I'VE LOST THE FREAKING CHEESE!!!  That's not a euphemism for anything, I have literally lost the cheese.  Here's what happened, what often happens in unguarded moments: there I was, wandering about making the Sunday dinner - lasgane and homemade chips (my culinary abilities are about as limited as my attempts to be lady-like - ie I fuck up badly).  Any hoo - there I was doing my thing and suddenly I had an idea. Two All is finished, barr a little ironing out - no - this if for the follow up.

Ideas for me are like sneaky bubbles that float around me all the time. I try to grab them and they skitter off, ignore them and they hover like an impending headache. So I try to set time aside for them - all the jobs done - the entire family banned from the room I'm in and I go: "Come to me my children." and they bugger off faster than my actual children would were I do something so unutterably creepy.

  What the sneaky little fecks like to do is pounce just when it's least convenient.  The shower is very popular, also out running (again grabbing a notebook isn't an option), so I have to try and remember - and that's a non-starter - they do it deliberately.  So anyway, back to Sunday dinner and me minding my own business, creating a feast for kings (huh) - IDEA!IDEA! IDEA!!! Great - notebook? CHECK, working pen/pencil/eye pencil? CHECK - idea - you are mine bee-ach. Yep, it's there in scribble form on a random piece of paper and it's okay, quite pleased with it actually; however, now the cheese is missing.  Last time I saw it I was grating it and sprinkling it on the lasagne and then I put it in a glass dish with a picture of a cow on it (probs designed for butter but - hey - we have NO rules in this house) after's a mystery. I've checked the mantle piece, the tumble dryer, my underwear drawer - all the usual places, no joy.  So if you find my cheese - mature, colourless in a butter dish - please forward.

 I don't know how to end these things - so, as music is very important to me, I thought I'd always end with a tune I like.  My tastes won't be your tastes, and my taste are not eclectic, Calum's are (my husband) he's good at listening to everything - I don't, so I dare say I'll repeat myself, I don't really care.  The tune I go back to, to get me in the right place for writing Two All is S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W - My Chemical Romance from "The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys".