Thursday, 14 March 2013

Walking, Running and Talking Rubbish - Just Because.

Lordy - you wouldn't believe the mileage I put in today - not that I drive - I mean by way of shank's pony, perambulating, the old left, right,left,right or however you care to describe marching along the road like a mad bastard on a mission - my preferred mode.

D'you like how I say that, by the way , " I don't drive" - sounds like it's a conscious choice rather than that I couldn't figure it out - the whole driving thing, I mean. Well, I can/could - my problem was being easily distracted, oh, and an extreme aversion to going over about 30 miles an hour.  Add to that - I'm 4' 10" - to get even a half decent view over the steering wheel required 3 cushions under me and two behind, and if one of the buggers slipped it was blackout time.

So, "I don't drive". I say it in a way that nobody dares ask why in case they get a lecture on environmental issues - which they might!  But the above are the real reasons, with the other as an afterthought, I am ashamed to say. Plus, that Cal (husband) would probably die on the spot if he found out I was in charge of something with a combustion engine: he knows me too well. (Am also banned from power tools, non-powered tools, kitchen knives - oh, and well aimed angry cats).

My mileage - you know it wasn't that much really - probs only about seven and a half miles,including walking up and down to work at the dear Buth (that's Scottish Gaelic for shop - my place of work is called Buth Tholastaidh - I sort of run it/make up what I'm doing as I go along. But that's okay -ish. It's a community shop - it was me or nobody, so everyone knows I don't have a clue what I'm doing and shouldn't really be left in charge of a banana let alone an entire buth). Anyway, as I was saying, once - in the dim distant past - about 3 months ago - before I hurt my leg - I had got up to running  8 miles - EIGHT FRIGGING MILES ON THESE WEE PINS - come on - that's like double a normal person. Anyway, the point at the start of this narrative, before I got side-tracked is: I'm quite tired, in the lower limb department - upper limbs..... could wave the feckers around like it's 1999 for an hour - lower limbs - nup - be lucky if I can make it across the room in sub-5mins. Good night me hearties, Love Dxx

One tune and one tune only will do - and for no good reason other than that they are new and they are brilliant Static Cult - Birth of a Nation (going to hear them live in June!)

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