Monday, 25 March 2013

My Smirking Jacket

Formatting, formatting formatting - yep, I thought I'd done it - hadn't. That's because I thought computers were magic - turns out they aren't, well, not entirely.  So, I'm still fecking formatting Two All for kindle - taking out spaces, adding in spaces (in the correct manner) ie:while wearing a smoking jacket and uni-cycling.  I typed smiking jacket first - that's nearly a smirking jacket - OHHH!! Now I want a smirking jacket, you could rush off to the wardrobe and pull it on every time you felt a smirk coming on - my imaginary ones getting thread bare from over-use already.

This evening my twelve year old son stormed off (in a comedy way) to the shower telling me I was the most juvenile person he knew just because he'd had a problem with part of his school uniform today and when he was reading out the list of ingredients in his chocolate bar and got to the "may contain nuts" section - I died laughing and said that was more than could be said for his school trousers anymore. Aaa, crap that made me smirk and I didn't get a chance to pull my imaginary jacket on!


  1. Lordy gets worse! You are a wack job (in the nicest possible sense). Keep it coming, we need all the smiles or smirks we can get.

  2. Ha!! Thank you.Just as soon as I shall design and stitch you your very own smirking jacket in shades of badger just as soon as I learn to design and stitch. :)