Saturday, 2 March 2013

Okay, here goes - this blog is supposed to be about my book "Two All - All for One" which I have just about finished (I said that this time last year too - no, but it really is now) and intend to publish on kindle because I got UTTERLY sick of reading the Writers and Artists agent lists and seeing "no fantasy, no science fiction" so rude and I thought stuff the lot of you - I'll just do it myself and then we'll see who's crying.  Well, me probably by the time I've gone over the whole bloody thing rejigging it so it'll be laid out correctly on kindle and by the time I figure out how to do the publishing thing - hell, you should have seen the song and dance I've made about "creating" this blog- "Calum!!! the screen's gone funny!" - "Calum!!! which was the button I do that thing with?" - "What thing?" - "Ocht! stop being obtuse! The thing, you know fine what I mean!" etc etc. He's got his headphones on now, probably listening to some band called something like "The Lords of Doom" who'll mostly be bellowing incoherently - at least I wasn't incoherent, mostly.

We tend to live in headphones in this place, me my sons and him, a burglar could come in in broad daylight and clear the place and none of us would have a clue.  A friend and builder from along the road - name of Roddy Campbell (known as Beauty) did, in fact, come in one day - I was at work and had asked him to pop in - something was falling off something else probably, he went in, did whatever was required and left and none of the blokes in the house even knew he'd been in. Note to any burglars who happen to read this - this is an island and the ferry only goes twice a day - so don't even think about it.

Look - see - I knew that would happen - I've gone off on a tangent about stuff. FFS!  Okay, well I've made a start but I have to go and lock the shop now (I'll explain another time).

Next time I might even mention my book a bit. Cheerio o :)

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