Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Punctuating Mild Profanities

Okay, ahem, did anyone notice my DELIBERATE error at the end of my learn-ed discourse on the Smirking Jacket (a staple in any "whack jobs" wardrobe - Mickandbee www.yachthannah.co.uk! - still trying to catch the badger - be with you soon as - matching pair is it or one to share?). Grinning Jodhpurs are also a vital - VITAL - component for the sartorially elegant and mildly entertained. Any hoo - at the end I had written: "A crap that made me smirk blah blah blah". Now just to make this entirely clear I do not go around being amused by excrement - I just forgot a couple of "a"s and a comma.

Apologies for anyone reduced to tears by my  sordid "confession" and apologies, also, to anyone who thought we could start a jobby fanzine together.


  1. I have NO IDEA what you are wittering on about!

  2. You stole our line Granny!! and just for clarity "...a craaap, that..." etc.? Further explanation needed, he reluctantly wrote...

  3. Pearls before swine... Last night's post has now been cunningly edited from "A crap that made me smirk etc" to "Aaa, crap that made me smirk etc" and so it all makes perfect sense. Now, let us not mention your combined foolishness again.