Friday, 22 March 2013

"There can BE only one!" Okay, Mr Lambert, keep the heid on, you wee French dafty.

Ha! Got so excited that I had a new follower that I, briefly, followed myself. That was embarrassing!! There was me, grinning from my own followers list like a hat-wearing idiot, complete with the late Terri the Cockerel.

Hi Susie  - it is you isn't it! FB me if it is or comment if you are up to the strain of the carry on of interpreting odd letters and numbers xxx (we grew up together no.5 and no6. West Terrace, The Fabulous Western Highlands (there can be only two), Home of the Displaced Goddesses, IV26.

I MUST get a cool profile picture before the book hits the old cyber-press. My dear buddy Andrea of is up for it.  I want me in my best Steampunk gear with my new cockerel in chief - Prince Rupert on my knee. But Prince Rupert doesn't like to be carried around like a baby the way dear Terri (bravest of birds) did. Infact, he actively discourages it - it's because he has a load of younger lads around - he doesn't even bother to cock-a -doodle in order to prove he is entirely secure in his position as top of the heap. Ah, la - cockerel politics.

Only problem with Andrea doing the photo - to get back - is she's liable to do something clever with the picture involving shooting it through a tea bag while keeping a caterpillar behind her ear. Oh well!  Check out her blog if you are into photography that is above and beyond the "snap".

Tune! Has to be Queen (politics aside) from the film "Highlander" staring Christopher Lambert (and I have heard way worse Highland accents on the silver screen) "Who wants to live forever" (if you ever read my book -  to be published on kindle VERY soon (? eek)  - it'll tie in nicely to itand to this post.) xx


  1. It's the wrong time of year for caterpillars!

  2. third time lucky, I have tried to leave a comment 3 times but it keeps insisting on me setting up my own blog, anyway if this works it is Susie as your new follower, have you discovered Harlem Shake yet? Now I have to prove I am not a robot, oh the joys :/

  3. Hi Susie! Nope not yet - must do that!!Thanks for your perseverance!