Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ah!! FFS!!!!! from a Sweaty, Angry Tomato.

So there I was, yet again, minding my own business - this time running down the road, whilst wearing my sports bra in a more conventional manner than yesterday. I was about a third through a 10k to Gress cattle grid and back, when a car passed me and stopped just a bit up the road.

I had recognised the vehicle as belonging to my (erst while) friend Andrea ( and her partner Evelyn and had even given her a jaunty wave. Why's she stopped, I innocently wondered?  And then it all became horribly clear as I saw her producing cameras from the passenger seat (she's a photographer). 

Some people look good running - like the women always featured on the front of Runner's World etc, for example. I don't - after about 1k I start to resemble a tomato, 3k - a very angry tomato, 6k - a sweaty, very angry tomato.  So, I did the mature thing and flicked her the "V"s, shook my fists and cast doubt on her parentage.

Could have been worse, could have been when I was slogging my way back up the hill from the Glen - then I just look like someone who requires medical attention - STAT!!

TUNE:  My Chemical Romance -  "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us".xxx 


  1. Such a pity that the wonderful snapper of B&B fame mostly does B&W...your colour scheme sounds...well something!

  2. I know! Is it possible to have a violent shade of grey? I've said to her over and over: "Get urself a nice wee digital, love - they're not so dear. But will she listen!"