Thursday, 11 April 2013

Apologies and Drop kicking Pigeons

Sorry, I know I've gone quiet but the thing is I'm busy and not doing what I want to either! I am filling out ridiculous forms that make me want to scream and then trying to email them and - what a surprise - it doesn't bloody work so it's back to the freaking drawing board!!! How I long for a pigeon - I would write all the information that is required on a small scrap of paper; roll it into a neat little tube, tie it to the bird's tiny, quivering leg; hold it a loft and  then drop kick it into space. Having vented - I could  then return to my laptop and start over.

GRRRRRRR - stupid waste of time stupid things that are supposed to make life easier and quicker but don't because stupid smart alecs got carried away and made the whole thing far to complicated for everyone else - or maybe just me - to figure out - AND I REALLY DON'T NEED DROP DOWN MENUS TO DO THE DATE - I CAN TYPE IT QUICKER! Or worse - to answer YES or NO to something. Of course I amn't taking into account our incredibly slow broadband service which probably isn't helping.

TUNE: Green Day - Minority

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