Saturday, 6 April 2013

How I Fell Out with Nature

Well, I did the stupid windows - badly, as predicted - and discovered, while out, it was nowhere near as nice as it was pretending to be: it was cold, breezy and fairly unpleasant. The wind kept impishly getting the water I was lobbing at the windows and chucking it back at me - I was soaked!!! So I have fallen out with nature and am never NEVER going out there again.  I will use a vehicle like everyone else, should leaving the house be required, regardless of the laws of the land which suggest a person should have a so-called "driving license". I think, were I to encounter an officer of the law in Tolsta, he would perfectly understand my outrage.

Yours, being perfectly reasonable, as usual,

Dorothy. xx

PS: It was great - no guilt - 1 hour and 45 mins of writing! Storms and gales - bring 'em on!!!

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