Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I Miss Winter......

I like winter. You know where you are with winter: it'll be cold, wet, dreech and windy.  If it does anything other these four - it's a bonus (apart from snow, which sucks for most people over the age of ten - unless you have someone willing to pull you on a sledge).  As it happened, we had a great winter.  I walked to work everyday and not once did I have to put on my hideous waterproof trousers or even wellies.  Then spring came and what d'you know - it's cold, wet, dreech and windy. I even had to take the bus to work yesterday - the condensationy, school childreny bus - for the first time in months.

 I expect more from spring, I really do, it should be ashamed of itself.  But then maybe I should just lower my expectations, except that's very difficult.  Years of conditioning mean I expect to see lambs frolicking in meadows not wallowing in mud and daffodils are always, ALWAYS pictured vertical. 

Oh, well, roll on summer - because then it'll be autumn and winter again!! HURRAH!

Tune: Panic! At the Disco - "The Calendar"

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