Sunday, 21 April 2013

Listening to the Experts

I've been given a great new opt out so I can procrastinate further re publishing my book.  Author Terry Tyler has adviced me, via Twitter, to put my manuscript away now, for a month and then review it again.  So I am. Yep, won't touch it, won't even go near it *whimper*. I just know I'll come back to it in a month and start changing everything again.  But that's okay because it's gort to be right.  "Gort" is a new word I invented - it has the exact same meaning as "got" but with a slight air of desperation so is therefore perfect for the above sentance.

I've got my cover, by the way, well almost.  I chose it yesterday, which was exciting.

TUNE: "Make Damn Sure" - Taking Back Sunday


  1. Ok, lets see the cover then :-)

  2. When I get it properly with my title on etc I'll give a bell. Hope the furry family are well.xx

  3. Thanks for the mention - and maybe it WILL work for you! Things that you think aren't right you will probably find out don't notice anymore; thus, they ARE all right, it's just that you're over-examining it, maybe! I look forward to hearing more...!

    btw, I am not sure that your blog link on your bio works. Might just me me

  4. or might just BE me, even. Sorry, am trying to cook dinner at same time as 'doing' Twitter! :)