Friday, 5 April 2013

On the Telly and my Ally, The Minister

It's true, I was on the STV news - I didn't watch it though - I was scared a wizened crone would wonder on screen, mumbling and drooling and it would be me! Ah - so vain. Was supposed to be being "Furious from Tolsta" that our newspapers weren't going to be coming until the ferry in the afternoon............WERE THEY BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE ON THAT ONE!??!?! I was, however, polite - for the sake of the dear Buth, and did not say exactly what I thought the publishers should do with their papers; of which I saw and excellent example in Bulgaria where they were cut up and hung on a nail beside the loo, for ones convenience and cleanliness...............the newspapers, not the publishers, can't really imagine wiping I'll stop there.

Interestingly, as a result, I have found common ground with our local Free Presbyterian Minister - a very nice man who expends a lot of energy on trying to save my soul, which is very nice of him because, if I believed in the scary god he believes in I'd be hiding under a rock. I don't though, so I've told him not to worry, but like I said, he's a nice man and conscientious (although I think he may have cheesed off a lot of people recently by telling them how he sees where their going wrong). BUT GUESS WHAT!  HE HATES TABLOIDS TOO! - ( he also dislikes rather a lot of things I adore but let us not go there - don't think I'll be talking him into coming to Warp Tour anytime soon - even if Rise Against and Billy Talent are playing).

See you tomorrow -

TUNE: Billy Talent "Viking Death March" - all those familiar with the lyrics will know why.

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  1. :-) Does his Revness hate the papers coming by plane tho? Eh?