Friday, 19 April 2013

Reading, Death, Parasites and flipping Cats

  • Started reading Chris Ward's Tube Riders last night - on a KINDLE - ooooooooooo!! Yep, I know I am planning to publishing on Kindle (very, very soon), but ...I don't actually have one.  My husband does: he has a Kindle and a Kindle Fire. I know  because I bought them for his birthday before last, and this year's Xmas (as in the one just past). So I've commandeered the wee one. 
  •  So, there I am enjoying Tube Riders, and my shoulder starts itching like a fiend - AND swelling up.  Of course, I realised I was about to die - obviously - of....something. The poison would, inevidently, go from the bite into my blood stream and that would be that. My book - "Two All -All for One" - would never be published....... (oh, yeah and I'd never again see family/friends etc blah blah... remorse, regret, so sad)  but TWO All.... FLIP SAKES.
  • As it turned out, it wasn't fatal - this is not a blog from beyond the grave.  In fact, after scratch;ng a lot; bitching, trying to interest Big C (the husband) re my immanent demise; spraying stinky stuff - most likely out-of-date - on it and then falling asleep.  I awoke to find myself alive (thought about playing dead to save face) but with a tiny set of bites on my otherwise normal shoulder.
  • I blame FLAMING SYDNEY BISCUITS (our cat) and his "wee friends".  We have two cats. The other one - Jack Kirby - is a  sweet wee thing who has never had to be taken to the vets because she's been beaten up by every other cat in the village a hundred times over(probably because of  being incredibly annoying); never thinks it's okay to bite my face when I'm sleeping; nor has she ever stuck her claws in your back because I am doing the ironing and not dishing up food and, more importantly, she has never, NEVER thought collecting parasites was the hobby of kings. Sydney isn't so much a host as a venue.
  • Tune: Biffy Clyro: "There's No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake" - just because.

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