Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Horns of a Dilemma for which I Blame Global Warming

I can't write or do anything book related until everything else is done - it's a thing, just like I am physically incapable of being anything other than early for everything (it's the same uncool gene that has me carrying sick bags in my handbag just in case - see earlier blog re trip to cinema "Les Miserable etc one - I try to compensate by wearing black, but it's a battle so lost even Custer would be calling for a timeout).  So I spent this morning doing stuff that needed to be done, rounding off with the lunchtime dishes.  Sat down with a cup of tea (green, of course), opened my laptop, looked up - the bloody windows are filthy - they look like someone has stuck a desert to the other side of the glass (that is desert the sandy kind - not like dessert "pavlova" - did I get that the right way around? -*clap clap* bring in my proof reader . - To clarify, no one has thrown pudding at our windows - yet). I'm going to have to do them.  I won't do them well either: never mastered it. I soap the buggers up then throw hot water at them and run off before the "back-splash" gets me. It's probably quite entertaining to watch.

    But the thing is, and here's the dilemma: I raise my weary butt back up off this chair, drag myself sulkily outside, play dodge-the-deluge - then what - I'll be able to see what an over-grown tragedy Shakespeare could have based at least two plays on (okay, one and a half), my once well tended garden is.

I WANT SOME PROPER WEST COAST WEATHER!!  This dry, calm stuff is seriously messing with my writing time - or midgies - even if there were clouds of midgies out there I'd have an excuse to stay in and pretend I was peed off not to be eyebrows deep in a flower bed.

I give in - windows it is. I'll work on a good reason to ignore the garden till next weekend while I'm out.

PS. I have no idea why that section in the middle is indented that way and can't figure out how to sort it.....................

Tune is: Fall Out Boy - "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" - because it's stuck in my head today.