Sunday, 5 May 2013

Animals have no Manners

I'm sorry to say, I have come to the above sad conclusion.  A dog just came into our garden, without a by your leave, and when I went to chase it - it growled at me!  Now, that's just rude!  It got me thinking, though, about other unseemly behaviour I have witnessed from pets etc.  Sydney, our black cat, thinks nothing of washing his bum in public and Kirby, little lady-like Kirby (our black and white cat), seems to prefer an audience when she sits on the fireside rug, back legs splayed out, and pulls at her toe nails. And as for the hens and their public displays of...well....just about everything.  I despair.

On the other hand - none of the above burp or pick their noses, although unabashed sneezing isn't unknown without a handkerchief in sight.

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