Friday, 10 May 2013

De bhios Ur: Wind Turbines and Shitting in Sand pits

Next to "Hi, Murdo" - the words "De bhios ur?" must be the most used in the dear Buth (the community shop I attempt not to run into the ground on a daily basis) - the answer is usually "Chan eil caill" - or to translate "nothing". 

Well, this week we do have something new to blether about - OUR TURBINE!! We, the residents of Tolastadh have our very own wind turbine. It's great! It's huge!! And it will financially benefit the community (ie: the people who live here). Plus, it really annoys people who don't live here but who like to use it as their playground. WE have effectively shat in their sand pit!!  Oh joy!

People - you are more than welcome to come and look at the birds; try to imagine you are newly stranded humans on an alien landscape; meditate on the lives of ancestors or whatever the hell rocks your world, but do not expect those of us living here, 12 months out of the 12, to hang in amber until your next visit.  Just drive up in your gas guzzling vehicles (if you insist public transport won't do for you - not enough room for your sense of outrage); polish off your binos and check out how eagles -who can see a mouse in the long grass from the top of thermals - aren't stupid enough to fly into the enormous fucking blades .


PS: I hate "in jokes" - it's like whispering in public - so, in case your not from here (HELLO READERS IN RUSSIA, CANADA, JAPAN, CHINA, AUSTRALIA, USA, GERMANY, FRANCE etc - feck, if I lived in any of those places I wouldn't be on my blog!!) - we have quite a lot (A LOT) of chaps called "Murdo" in the village. Thankfully, they haven't all got the same surname - oh wait.........