Thursday, 16 May 2013

Frustration - Thy Name is...............................

Okay, okay, I'm down - quit jumping on my corpse already.  Bureaucratic behemoth number 3 (see "Battling Bureaucratic Behemoths" back in April) - the one (like my disloyal body part) which cannot be named (although for very different reasons) has me on the mat, begging to submit.

So, instead of spending my day off tomorrow doing the garden, which I wasn't going to do anyway, or having a final read through of my book, which I was.  I will - once more - be trying to explain why none of the enormous organisations questions are applicable to me.

Well, I can't wait - it'll be such a hoot, listening to myself getting rattier and rattier with the really nice people on the end of the phone who are only trying help but aren't, because, although they are really nice and friendly, their forms are not, and although they understand, their forms do not, and although I have explained stuff and sent cover letters to explain more stuff, I may as well have jammed them up my nose - the cover letters, not the nice people. I just want to go: "Have a wee peak at us on google earth - it might help put my answers in perspective."

Cheerio - I'm off to bite a wall. xx

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