Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Inconsiderate, Disloyal Body Parts.

I have fallen out with part of my body. Part of my body is a no good heap of crap. Part of my body has let me and the rest of my body parts down and is, I hope, feeling very ashamed of itself.  So offended am I by this body part that it shall heretofore be known only as - the part-that-has-no-name (or PTHNN). 

No, it's not my brain - aka: the usual suspect - or even my mouth, it's gobby assistant, which has not infrequently been known to by pass brain and come out with things which result in the rest of me sending it to Coventry for the outrage and embarrassment it has inflicted on me - as a whole.

(I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to fall out with my brain, mainly because it doesn't seem to notice - especially at night when it can chatter on for HOURS about complete rubbish).

 The PTHNN in disgrace is on the right hand side, located just north of my toes, south of my knee and is SUPPOSED to hold things together in there at the back. But, once again, it has decided that it can't be bothered doing the job for which it was designed, and went "ping" when I was out for a run yesterday morning; thereby snookering all plans to do the Cancer Challenge 5k and most definitely the 10k I was banging on about. And after I'd talked myself into it, too, and was now rather looking forward to the challenge of ensuring I didn't come last. But worse: I had to do "The Walk of Shame" all the way home. "Morning Shock" huh! - lazy ass, work shy, so-called muscle with no sense of decency, more like.

However, revenge will be sweet - just as soon as it stops hurting, it's getting the foam roller treatment - then we'll see who's laughing. 

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