Thursday, 2 May 2013

Perverts, Gongs and Nunchucks v Flame-throwers.

I have this terrible idea in my head, and it won't get out.  No, it's got nothing to do with which of the other TV personalities from my childhood was a pervert and/or rapist; nor even, what is the poor Queen going to do with all the gongs she is surely going to be asking for back. Gosh, I hope they aren't inscribed - bet they are!   Hey, if I was one of the gruesome gropers' wives right now, I'd have his OBE/MBE, whatever, on to ebay pronto!!!

"Emm, sorry Liz, your majesty-ness, but a nice man from Japan has just bought it on the "Buy it Now" option. So, basically - YOU CAN TAKE MY FREEDOM, BUT YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY 99.9% FEEDBACK RATING!!"

Nope, the terrible idea is that I'm going to go in for the 10k race in the Lews Castle Grounds on 25th May - the idea is taking hold and it's such a bad idea - if I come last there will be hell to pay. 

Running Is Like Writing: you can't blame anyone else if you do it badly - which sucks quite a lot. But I suppose, at least with running, you can always take out those up ahead of you with nunchucks or the like; you can't do that with writing - I don't think. 

I'm pretty sure using nunchucks won't  have been actually listed as against the rules - although, they might have banned flame-throwers after the incident at last years 5k. Och well, the shoulder straps for the fuel reservoir really chaffed my shoulders.

I'm off to try and talk myself out of this.

Tune: "Re-education Through Labour" - Rise Against.

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