Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tourists, Sports Day and an Unholy Stink.

As anyone who has read my previous posts knows, I'm a reasonable, level headed sort, ahem. But here's a thing that annoys me that I had forgotten all about.  The reason it had slipped my mind is it never happens in the winter, as far as I've noticed, at least.  No, I don't mean sunshine, hail stones, high winds and bursts of horizontal rain all at the same time - such us we had this fine spring day - because that most definitely does happen in the winter. No, the thing that happened, nay, the heinous crime that was committed was a tourist (not a holiday-maker or a visitor but most definitely a tourist), stopping outside the dear Buth (place of my employment), taking about a million photographs (for it is a picturesque little building, complete with red phone box and letter box) and then - BUGGERING OFF!  Didn't so much as pop in and purchase a bleeding postcard.  Grrrr -  toss pot.

So, that's the second kind of tourist on my hit list.  From now on, if I see anyone taking photos of the place,  I am going to thrust my face really hard against the window and refuse to move until they come in and buy something,(except Andrea - really don't want to encourage her into the shop - she lowers the tone).

Oh, and for the record the no.1 spot on my hit list goes to really sweet old ladies who ask if it's possible to use the (private) loo in the shop and then leave it stinking like a rhinoceros just evacuated its bowels after a night of beer and many curries.  This crime does get worse if said sweet old lady also buggers off without buying anything, AND is long gone before one of my colleagues turns up and I then get the blame!!!

On a final, more wholesome though possibly blasphemous note: the reason the weather was incredibly bad today was because it was the School Sports and Funday, so extremely crap weather was inevitable - luckily the forecast thunder and lightening didn't put in an appearance.  My theory: God hates the egg and spoon race.

Tune: Rise Against - Audience of One.

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