Friday, 17 May 2013

Wankers, Stereo-types and Independence.

Nigel Ferengi - oh wait no - that's the cousin of a sneaky baddy in Star Trek NG , I think, - Nigel Farage, that's the fellow I mean. The man isn't just a tool - he's an entire ironmongers.

The writer Christopher Brookmyre's tweet last night, along the lines of: "so was Nigel Farage 'seeking asylum' in that pub in Edinburgh" made me guffaw loudly.

Here's the thing: it is said to have been students who were menacing him; ganging up on him; putting the willies up him, but then Nigel tells us (in aloud hectoring manner) they're motivation was purely anti-English hatred.  Ha! *snort* - here's my problem with that:
Students = intelligent, educated people.
People who profess to hate and entire race on the basis of the bit of land they live on = IDIOTS.
Ergo: Nigel Farage is trying to make political capital out of peeing his pants and hiding behind the Police (who he probably also has issues with as they no longer cycle along country lanes, wearing strangely shaped hats, whilst summarily cuffing young hooligans around the ear.)

In a word - N. Farage esq. is a WANKER (this could be controversial - but I think many people already suspected as much.)

By the way, it is very similar to the word I would use to describe people who profess to hate the English - en masse - in this case the word I would use is WANKERS. 

As a Scot, nothing makes my toes curl more than some arse shouting about how they'll support "any one but England" in whichever tedious sporting event they've hauled their lardy arses along to/over to the couch to watch. And "Flower of Scotland" for our anthem - really? Have we done nothing of note since 1314? (in case I've lost you there, 1314, 24th June - Battle of Bannockburn - we kicked butt). Well, actually, yes we have and no blood shed was required for a lot of it.

So, Independence - Yes or No - heart says yes - head says no, and my other internal organs couldn't give a toss.  Will probably go with the heart - but that does not mean I hate the English - how could I?  They're all so cute with their wee bowler hats, cheeky chappy banter, bulldogs and suits covered in pearly buttons  :)

Tune: Neil Gow's "Farewell to Whisky" - a beautiful Scottish fiddle tune.

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