Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Book and Swimming with Sharks

FINALLY  my book Two All - All For One is available on  It comes up if you put Dorothy Ross MacIver into the search bar ("there can only be one!" - don't add that bit). Phew! I didn't break amazon.

Today was lovely and sunny so me and my youngest son, James, headed down the beach.  We have a choice on our doorstep - well, on the doorstep if you haven't got a serious aversion to getting off your backside and walking a short distance, that is.  This particular beach, The Cladach, is about a half mile from our house.  It's a great spot, it looks like the beach at the end of the original Planet of the Apes (minus the Statue of Liberty or sense of doom) with cliffs full of nesting seagulls rising up from it and sheep peering over the edge, looking down at the foolish humans on the sand.

I can't resist the water and it looked particulary inviting today; glittering and aquamarine, a flawless blue sky right down to the horizon, all it was missing was a me splashing around in it - not for long. 

Bearing in mind this is the north west of Scotland and the water is always freezing, there are two methods of entry: 1. tip toeing up to it like maybe it won't be so cold if it doesn't see you coming, then tentitively dipping your toe in, removing it quickly, repeating the process and slowly but surely shuffling out until you are maybe deep enough and numb enough to take the plunge. This all takes far to long for me, I'm just not patient enough so I prefer method no 2: Charging in like a mad bastard and chucking myself under (won't dignify the move with the words dive in) and floating back to the surface, looking smuggly back towards the shore at the exponents of method 1.  The only problem is I've usually tired myself out splashing about by the time the method oners have got their moxy together.

Today it was really very chilly but I ceased to notice as soon as I took the plunge, and was bobbing about, trying to assure James (a definite method oner) that nothing NOTHING was going to drop off because of the cold, when I turned around (doo do) to look out (doo do doo do) over the expanse of shimmering blue (doododoododoododooododo) and saw four fecking big, kick-ass, black fins not terribly far away (doodoo DOOOOOO).  Basking sharks!! SO COOL!!! 

I think James was pretty disappointed that it wasn't Great Whites, mind you, and I hadn't gotten eaten because I think he'd have felt it served me right for dragging him out.  I strongly suspect that my days of going to the beach accompanied by a family member are over.  From now on I will be the weirdo loner splashing about in the water.  Do I mind - HELL NO! I loved going to the beach with the kids but they aint kids anymore and there's no point in dragging their unwilling asses along, plus if there's one thing I love  - it's being the weirdo loner!

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