Friday, 5 July 2013

Still Unbound But Never Ever Bowed.

I've done it folks - I pressed the big yellow publish button.  TWO ALL - ALL FOR ONE will be available on kindle in about twelve hours.

     ohforfucksakesohforfucksakesohforfucksakes - what the hell have I done!! 

It wasn't ready - it was never going to be ready - I needed another thirty years to tinker with it!!  Just shoot me now.............

If you are out there and you read it - thanks for doing that. If you like it - please tell all your chums and review it on amazon, if you can be bothered.  If you read it and don't like it,  I can categorically assure you - I don't need to really....I do not need to know.

I've always loved writing, right up until I had sprogs who required Mum not to zone out and stick the teaspoon of food in their eye because my brain was elsewhere or leave them bobbing around in the bath because I needed a piece of paper and pen STAT.

When sprog two - he who shall be know for all time as Angus, was about 6 months, I started making jewellery, and it turned into a bit of a business. So between it and the three small people who had fallen out of me, I was quite busy.  Then about three years ago, thirteen years after starting the jewellery thing, I decided it was likely I may chuck-up if I every had make so much as an earring again!! 

However, this left a big gap and writing just crept back in again.  Sprogs no longer required me to be ever vigilant and ideas were forming themselves - most especially the character of the Guardian in Two All. 

She's always been around, I don't even know where her name came from - not "the Guardian", her real name (you'd have to read the book to find out what it is - she'd kill me if I spilt the beans at this stage - no she really would).  Then one day I was listening to an MCR song S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/,  and I got this image of her in my head looking like a scarecrow: hung up, arms out, and I can remember thinking to myself: what happened to you? - and an idea of what had happened, turned up on queue.  Suddenly all these other disparate thoughts started making sense and linking up and that was it - the nearly three years of working on my story began.

I was tidying all the stuff away last night - all the Two All related things - to make a clean start for what's next (the sequel kindly made itself known to me, properly, night before last, at about 4am) and I came across the original first two drafts, both in long hand in a motley selection of notebooks from before I got my laptop.  I had a wee glance through,and was surprised how little has changed from the beginning, considering all the writing and re-writing I've done.

Please raise a glass and wish it luck :)
Yours, feeling a bit tense,

Dorothy Ross MacIver (author of Two All - All For One)

Tune: S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W - My Chemical Romance.

PS. Normal blogging will resume tomorrow :)


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    1. Thanks A! You and E get a mention in the "thanks" btw. Oh.other btw, me and J will be around to see kits over the weekend if that's okay - will warn u before xxx (so u can be out :))