Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Three Days To Go....URGGGGG!!!!!

For anyone with an ounce of computer know how, uploading one's book to kindle is a piece of cake.  I, however, have approx. one gram of computer know how, and was therefore, pooping myself throughout the process in case I inadvertently started a nuclear war; posted our bank account details on face book; donated my living organs to charity or worse - published my book before I got a chance to check the formatting hadn't gone haeywire - sort of like that last word.

URGGG!! THERE WAS SMALL PRINT, PEOPLE, SMALL PRINT! I had to read things and understand them - well, I was supposed to, but what with the blood pounding in my ears and the whole sweaty palm thing going on, I opted for making him indoors read them, too, just in case I accidentally clicked everything with a wee box next to it, and it turned out I'd opted for receiving royalties (as if) in bananas and staples and gave them my address as 34, Cabbage Street, Hamburg (BTW - that's not my address - no, it isn't - so don't bother popping round because I'm not in - at least, I don't think I am....hmm..... I'm not sure anymore.)

So, anyway, it's done.  I'll check it tomorrow - that's all providing I can find it again!  My plan to press the publish button on Friday, while holding a cold stiff one ( tsk, your mind, what's it like - not a corpse - a drink tsk - Thursdays is Hug a Corpse Day).

Night all.

Tune: The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy - because I can't get it out of my head.

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