Friday, 5 July 2013

Boobs, Vampires, WindTurbines, Bums, Zombies, More Vampires - oh, in Shades of Grey, Chrysanthumums


........the "only"'ll be free for three days again in about 90 days - I KNOW I SHOULDN'T SAY THAT - flipsakes, like I don't know that - but...subterfuge and I are not comfortable bed-fellows.

So, what have you got to loose? Two All - All For One will most definitely put a smile on your face (for lots of different reasons) - take it from a seriously jaded fuck - ME! 

As Mrs Doyle (Father Ted) would say: "Go on , go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on." :)

(So there's no misunderstanding with any other Father Ted fans out there - my book is NOT triangular - sorry - nor does it have directions to Ireland's largest lingerie section.)

And just to make it clear, none of the things listed in the title of this blog are actually mentioned in my book - they might be vaguely referred to but that's about it. What can I say googlers but  GOTCHA!!!!


FRIDAY TUNE!!!!  Got to be one of the greatest videos ever (remember, I'm doing links now)
the FABULOUS Rammstein, SONNE - make your eyes and ears happy, and click on this link (after you've downloaded my book of course :))

PS: Should I ditch the plans about going into marketing d'you think? :)

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