Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hot, Sweaty and Covered in Flies.

Yes, today I was all of the above - but not "hot" in a good way, not "hot" as in "sexy" (the boat hasn't just sailed on that one, it didn't even realise it was supposed to push-off from the pier, it's still sitting there in a life-jacket, clutching a sick bag going: "let me know when it's my turn.........someone). No, this was hot as in: the sun is shining and heating the world up and I am exuding a noxious liquid from my forehead, etc and it seems to be attracting flies. They were even hanging from my fringe like really annoying buzzing acrobats or extremely precocious small children going: what's behind your sunglasses? Can I go behind your sunglasses? Oo, oo, can I go up your nose/ in your ears? Why did you swipe at me? What did you just squish Frank for - he was only being a hugely annoying, buzzing bastard!

Okay, yep, that was me doing the grass - nightmare. It is usually, these days, Mr Unbound's job (once I stopped him cataloguing the blades - I told him issue 1 was long gone - comic book widows - there are no male equivalents  - will get that), but given his back - see previous post - he couldn't mow the grass. So I did it. And all I could think about, as those infuriating, buzzing wee snotters were getting in my face, on my arms and hand and getting stuck in my hair, was the sea - the freezing cold, aquamarine, twinkling, glittering, face-slapping, clear, clean, sea.

Order of events: grass-cutting, quick sandwich, run to beach (The Traigh Mhor - not far - about 2 miles from the Unbound domain), run along the back of the dunes (c 1 mile), end of dunes,
kit off ( bathing costume was underneath, I promise)  and down into the beautiful alive, I swear there was a sizzling sound when I went under.............................................................:)))))))) I swam and played about in the waves for about half an hour.

"Pardon! You are,  are you not, an adult female, in the 40+ grouping, and yet you - by your own admission - were, and I quote: 'playing about in the sea' - on you own!!"

 Okay, I know that that may sound odd, but here's the thing: my children are pretty much past the age for playing in the sea with me so does that mean I can no longer do it? Okay, it might seem a bit strange, and I thought it might feel strange - but it didn't!  If you enjoy doing something not doing it because other people aren't, is ridiculous.  OH FLIP!  - ahem - to qualify; there are exceptions to this. [ DON'T SUE ME!!!]

........and then I ran/walked home.................

Such a perfect day.............(apart from the stupid flies)

Tune: Billy Talent "Man Alive" (it's extremely appropriate)

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