Friday, 12 July 2013

BS PC, Moonbows and Shortbread Tins.

(The following, originally posted last night, has been edited due to excessive rambling brought on by coming home from work, going for a run and then having a dram, but completely forgetting to do the eating dinner part of the routine - oops - apologies.  I would say it won't happen again, but it probably will :) Okay, this week things happened - did things happen for you?  Here's mine: 116 people downloaded my book; I became a Post Mistress (not a temporary one but a real one - which is just as well, seeing as all those books were free) - oh, and really - I'm a Post Master - but I'm not having that - that is so much more sexist than calling me a Post Mistress. I am a Post Mistress and I don't give a flip about any S&M connotations  - just try whipping me ands see who's feeling sexy after the repercussions.

Also - the sun shone and the sky was incredible.

I'm from the Ullapool (Western Highands - FFS!!!!! OF SCOTLAND, where else - have I ever mention gorillas before - so it's not the Vietnamese Highands! I'm fairly sure I'd be a TAD more interesting if I was from there - jeeeeeez, - keep up with my tediousness) so views for me  - growing up - included every perfect thing you could think of, (if you were thinking  "what do I want on my shortbread tin now Bonnie Prince Charlie has turned up his toes" - BTW - don't dis. BPC in my company........ever): lochs, trees, hills, scenic village, mists, fishing boats, mystical isles, - may hap - "Heiland coos" (someone who'd just moved in, was maybe trying them out, until they realised why no one else is keeping the buggers).... and the odd gimp in a kilt - ie: dude at a wedding or a tourist.

 In Lewis - home of the husband - a large part of views is SKY -  but what sky!!!  It's  like living in a marble -  you look left - horizon (except for a few bumps) - you look right (again, barring a few house-shaped bumps) nothing - a clear, perfect semi-circle over your head - IT IS fabulous,  rainbows are the balls - I've even seen a MOONBOW!! SO HAVE! Shades of grey! It was a Goth Rainbow :)

TUNE!! Mountains - Biffy Clyro

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