Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kicking the Queen in the 'nads,Tweeting, FBing and Blogging

Right, okay - cards on the table - this blog was set up as a vehicle by which to promote me, and by so doing, inspire blog readers to read my book when I eventually decided it (my book) was perfect.

 [I read that was what us "indi" writers [saddo, loser-self-publishers] were supposed to do these days. I've read allsorts of  stuff.]

But then I realised that was going to be never (the getting the book "perfect" thing) because I could have carried on tweaking, forever.

 [that comma - the one before "forever": I read in an old grammar book that one should ALWAYS place a comma before, "forever"  so if I don't now - I feel like I'm kicking the Queen in the bollocks, I really do, ("too" is another one). I've become quite neurotic over grammar's quirks, but I still can't get my head around commas [oh, and there's another: I can no longer write "round" unless I am referring to a spherical object.........ffs]  (and yeah, I do also know these squarey brackets are for scientific stuff - but..........I like them.) [ ].

I also started tweeting like a fiend for the same reason (mini blogs) - self-promotion. Got loads of lovely followers, which was nice, and "met" some lovely people like blog follower and author Terri Tyler. But I can't keep up with it - all it seems to be is reams and reams of people trying to promote their books, which is fine but how much use? So, in an effort to see, last weekend I promoted my book by quoting one of my fabulous reviews and made zero sales on the back of it. However, free promotion weekend, I got nearly 200 books shifted. Hmm, me thinks twitter is a no goer for that and all that's happened is I can no longer get feed from people I'd like to hear from.  Twitter is one big series of adverts for me.  Facebook now - that's my friends telling me to piss off and stop dicking on about my stupid book (no one has actually said that - but I'm waiting) - enjoy the honesty and also the knowledge that I know where the bastards live...........

May no longer bother tweeting, but I do love blogging - it's like a really satisfying sneeze.  So, although I was talked in to it in order to promote Two All - and although it is seriously dying on its feet - will keep on blogging.  Thank you for reading - will try not to be too hideous  :)

TUNE: We Are the Ocean - Machine (played at Belledrum very recently - would love to have seen them)

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