Sunday, 11 August 2013

Temperamental Brethren - a quicky

Two things I noticed this afternoon: the word "temperamental" (for anyone that's read my book - I think you can guess who that was referring to)  has far too many letters in it - it should be "tempremental"; the other one is "Brethren" - which comes up quite a lot because of a shifty bunch of lads who have turned up in the sequel I'm working on, their full title being "The Brethren of the True Word", as opposed to their opposite numbers - "The Disciples of the Lost Word".

Every time I type Brethren, I type it "Bretheren" which is supposed to be wrong but clearly isn't.  So, what I thought was - how about we all agree - by way of compromise -  (and I think I'm being pretty generous here) to make those two words spelt "tempramental" and "Bretheren", thereby just swapping a couple of letters about. What d'you think??

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