Sunday, 11 August 2013

We Are A Grandmother - again.

Well not really...well... not at all, actually. I think the chances of me being related, even very distantly to one of my hens are pretty slim. Although, we do have the same piercing glare when I think about, but I've never pecked anyone; possibly because I don't have a beak.  So, no - thankfully none of my actual offspring have sprung a surprise on us.  Our dear hen, known as "Roadrunner" - so crazed a beast that you need gauntlets to get near her if she's nesting - has got six tiny chicks - we thought it was seven but she demanded a recount and it was six.  Probably, knowing my luck it'll be another six cockerels and I already have more than enough of them marching around the place, 'doodling. And I've noticed they can never let anyone else - either one of their brothers or any other cockerel in the village - have the last word - so dawn can be a fairly protracted affair.

Roadrunner isn't the handsomest of God's feathery creations, I'll grant you, but she's looking worse than usual here as she is sick of me taking pictures of her and is getting ready to strike like a beaky cobra.  But the chicks are the sweetest things ever :)

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