Saturday, 28 September 2013

Running, Writing - and why I'm a Lazy Bastard - except in the shower.

It's odd how I didn't realise before that I have to be more disciplined with my writing, given that I know that in order to become a runner I had to go out whether I wanted to or not, until I reached the stage when I wanted to run (which is now)  but it was two or three years of absolutely making myself. 

I suppose the difference is why wouldn't I want to write: one doesn't pull muscles, get really sweaty and unattractive to even the most myopic of observers (so saying, doing my sex scene in "Two All blah blah" gave me a bit of a beamer - to translate, a red face) and the need to don supportive under-garments nor even to warm up is generally unneccessary. It must just be in my nature to skive off anything - even the things I like - as some absurd act of rebellion; preferring instead to just go around with my headphones on in a mad wee fantasy world. My conclusion, from this piece of personal scrutiny: I'm a ludicrous, immature, lazy bastard. Harsh?  No - entirely fair - I take my personal critisim, and I would file it, but instead I will scrunch it into a ball and lob it at one of the kids :)

I ran my best run today - it's not earth shattering - but it was 10:45 miles (that's 16.82km) in 1 hour and 50 mins.  Tomorrow I will write the next chapter of Rise of the Dark Heart - the plot of which took an inspired twist from where I had planned to go in the shower yesterday (my best thinking place - maybe because I'm only half awake).

Tune: Opposite - Biffy Clyro.

Have a good weekend.

PS:  Two All - All for One is free again tomorrow and next Saturday - either that or it's free today and free again next Sunday - can't quite remember which and am too lazy to check :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Trying to be Disciplined

Well, going out was fun - coming in, however, proved rather bad for my health. There I was bending down to unzip my boots, as any good citizen would before retiring to their boudoir, when I smashed my face off the wash hand basin so hard I didn't have a hangover the next day - I had concussion, no I really did!  Oh, and my mobile phone turned up in the garden (?)..............hmm, maybe the moral is I should have stayed out.....maybe not.  Anyhoo - that's that nonsense out of my system for a few more months.

I'm trying a new thing re my writing: making myself sit down at the laptop for an hour minimum - no excuses about work load, or I'll do it long hand in bed (which is fine for notes but not the proper thing because when I go to transcribe I never follow what I've written anyway). Nope, I'm going to try being  disciplined to see if that stops me skiving off. 

It worked last night (first night of the new regime) I got my prologue down for Rise of the Dark Heart (take 1,000,000)  and lo, I was pleased with it.  So tonight, soon as I've finished this wee note, I'm moving on to introduce a very important new character: Egt Dreth Caill. And in a further effort to be more ordered, to inject some method to my madness, if you will, I am going to make Fridays - doing my other stories day.  I have a few unrelated short stories I'd quite like to bang out but haven't, and when I say bang out - I wish - dare say I'll take an age writing and re-writing them too :S

Right - I'm off to do this - "Lead on MacDuff and damned be he who first cries 'Hold! Enough'" - or something like that :) 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Going Out

I'm going out - me and some of my dear friends from the village are going on "the mad one" as my daughter would have it.  Black eyeliner has been applied - then re-applied because it just wasn't black enough - hair putty has been worked through, then touched up with some red spray at the tips and enough hairspray to have kept the most flaccid 'do in place (it's the Western Isle people  - it's probs a bit breezy out there, and I don't drive - so I reckon this wee bit of environmental vandalism is off set by all my walking).

Last time I went out I won a black pudding and a bottle of gin and left my handbag in a pub. Hmmm, will try to behave this time (*snigger* maybe) - ah, come on! last time made for a bloody amusing blog  - if I say so myself.

We are going to the relaunch of the Stornoway nightclub "Era" - I reckon they've probably just turned the beer mats over - but we'll see :)

Night all - be bad,
Big D xxx
Oh Tune: Green Day - American Idiot

Ohhh and PS:  My book "Two All - All For One" is free again this Saturday and Sunday :)  - that's free as in no money - what have you got to loose, you might like it - if you do  - PLEASE write me a review if no just keep your gob shut weirdo :)))))))))))

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pride, Falls and Beasties

Last week I got a big bunch of flowers and tokens from my Post Office bosses for the way I had dealt with our recent connectivity issues, which was very nice of them - considering how many poor sods I was having drowned in emails for the sake of our few customers.  On the same day I was told I would be getting this from the PO, a wee man in the village rushed into our shop/Post Office and wrote his nomination for the  Tolsta Citizen (or should that be villager) of the Year on a piece of paper and proudly showed me that he had nominated me.  I was well chuffed as you can imagine but, as we all know, fate has a way of fucking with us that only fate can - fate hates a happy smile - fate's a sanctimonious, hard-faced bitch: the very next evening I discovered I had head lice. 

Now you can tell me till you are blue in the face that they prefer clean hair, but I had beasties, bugs, nits, I had f'ing LICE - and I was not a happy camper and so, with a vengeance only comparable to that of a loving god, I nuked the nasty wee life forms with stuff from the chemist, following it up with a good solid skull-scraping with an actual fine-toothed comb. Vengeance was mine - aha ha ha!

Two days later, on the Sunday a lovely sunny day - I decided to take a chair outside and do some writing  (yep, still at the endless-scribbling-in-many-notebooks stage - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -  or rather, back to that stage, as I thought I had got started then changed my mind). 

I had not sat for more than a few minutes when my head started itching.
                                            WHAT THE HELL!!!
Jumping from my chair, I looked around -  they were all over the back of it and I ran for the house (would have been yelling but it was Sunday so I internalised), and Calum (Mr Unbound) says they're all over the back of my t-shirt (my favourite Rise Against t-shirt!).  And so the expunging began - again: my hair, his hair, our bedding, the jacket I'd had on (as they were all over the collar of it), favourite RG t-shirt. Then other clothes were getting checked and that's when I made a discovery: they're were loads of them on a jacket that nobody had worn for ages in the cupboard where mine had been - THEY HADN'T COME FROM ME TO THE JACKET BUT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! HURRAH!!!!!.......... flaming now most of my house was squished into the wash machine set on a million environment melting degrees for the longest setting known to man.

I still don't know what they were; I googled them all afternoon, after fumigating the offending cupboard and throwing out some stuff - but they weren't lice.  I know this because, in the course of my googling, I discovered that lice are so picky about what they munch on that apparently a human public louse wouldn't even trade places with a human head louse - wonder who, figuratively, looks down on who?  Anyway they're gone - I am no longer being poked with sticks by my nearest and dearest and I have removed the hazard tape from around the coat cupboard.  Sydney Biscuits (the cat) is still being kind of smug though every time I pull him up for having a tick on him.

Tune: Billy Talent - Hanging by a Thread :)

PS:By the way, I got the Citizen of the Year thing - the cup stands pride of place on the shelf in the kitchen - alone in it's glory.......... since I swept the kids crappy trophies into the bin. Parent of the Year is next I expect:)))

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Daughter, Goddesses and a Friend

Apologies for not blogging, in case you've noticed and have felt like a void has opened up in your life because I haven't been bitching about something: life has been busy and I've been using any spare time to work on book 2.

One reason for the busy-ness was my daughter was home from uni for a long weekend - I know this because the house smelt nice and the post-it's on my computer desktop were fraped (as it were).  There I was scanning them to see what I needed to remember to do and one said: Note to self: stop being a loser.  Hmmm, clearly the work of herself as I have no intention of stopping being a loser.

Another reason is I am still utterly embroiled with that certain Telecommunications Giant - although I may actually be getting somewhere now.

Anyway, better go - book stuff . I'm looking into creation myths/stories and the characters involved, for inspiration and have found some great beings: the Cherokee (I think it was) Spider Woman and the Greek and Roman Queen of Ghosts but I particularly liked the Mayan Goddess always depicted, it says, decapitated, wearing a skirt of snakes and lacerated hands -  hmmm - I think I know what my Christmas outfit is going to be! :)

PS: My dear pal Andrea -  Boxes and Bellows - has asked me to mention why she is not blethering at you - she is currently using her special secret skills to keep the staff at the local hospital occupied - don't worry, she's just malingering and will be back sooner than you can click a shutter.