Friday, 20 September 2013

Going Out

I'm going out - me and some of my dear friends from the village are going on "the mad one" as my daughter would have it.  Black eyeliner has been applied - then re-applied because it just wasn't black enough - hair putty has been worked through, then touched up with some red spray at the tips and enough hairspray to have kept the most flaccid 'do in place (it's the Western Isle people  - it's probs a bit breezy out there, and I don't drive - so I reckon this wee bit of environmental vandalism is off set by all my walking).

Last time I went out I won a black pudding and a bottle of gin and left my handbag in a pub. Hmmm, will try to behave this time (*snigger* maybe) - ah, come on! last time made for a bloody amusing blog  - if I say so myself.

We are going to the relaunch of the Stornoway nightclub "Era" - I reckon they've probably just turned the beer mats over - but we'll see :)

Night all - be bad,
Big D xxx
Oh Tune: Green Day - American Idiot

Ohhh and PS:  My book "Two All - All For One" is free again this Saturday and Sunday :)  - that's free as in no money - what have you got to loose, you might like it - if you do  - PLEASE write me a review if no just keep your gob shut weirdo :)))))))))))

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