Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Daughter, Goddesses and a Friend

Apologies for not blogging, in case you've noticed and have felt like a void has opened up in your life because I haven't been bitching about something: life has been busy and I've been using any spare time to work on book 2.

One reason for the busy-ness was my daughter was home from uni for a long weekend - I know this because the house smelt nice and the post-it's on my computer desktop were fraped (as it were).  There I was scanning them to see what I needed to remember to do and one said: Note to self: stop being a loser.  Hmmm, clearly the work of herself as I have no intention of stopping being a loser.

Another reason is I am still utterly embroiled with that certain Telecommunications Giant - although I may actually be getting somewhere now.

Anyway, better go - book stuff . I'm looking into creation myths/stories and the characters involved, for inspiration and have found some great beings: the Cherokee (I think it was) Spider Woman and the Greek and Roman Queen of Ghosts but I particularly liked the Mayan Goddess always depicted, it says, decapitated, wearing a skirt of snakes and lacerated hands -  hmmm - I think I know what my Christmas outfit is going to be! :)

PS: My dear pal Andrea -  Boxes and Bellows - has asked me to mention why she is not blethering at you - she is currently using her special secret skills to keep the staff at the local hospital occupied - don't worry, she's just malingering and will be back sooner than you can click a shutter.

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