Saturday, 28 September 2013

Running, Writing - and why I'm a Lazy Bastard - except in the shower.

It's odd how I didn't realise before that I have to be more disciplined with my writing, given that I know that in order to become a runner I had to go out whether I wanted to or not, until I reached the stage when I wanted to run (which is now)  but it was two or three years of absolutely making myself. 

I suppose the difference is why wouldn't I want to write: one doesn't pull muscles, get really sweaty and unattractive to even the most myopic of observers (so saying, doing my sex scene in "Two All blah blah" gave me a bit of a beamer - to translate, a red face) and the need to don supportive under-garments nor even to warm up is generally unneccessary. It must just be in my nature to skive off anything - even the things I like - as some absurd act of rebellion; preferring instead to just go around with my headphones on in a mad wee fantasy world. My conclusion, from this piece of personal scrutiny: I'm a ludicrous, immature, lazy bastard. Harsh?  No - entirely fair - I take my personal critisim, and I would file it, but instead I will scrunch it into a ball and lob it at one of the kids :)

I ran my best run today - it's not earth shattering - but it was 10:45 miles (that's 16.82km) in 1 hour and 50 mins.  Tomorrow I will write the next chapter of Rise of the Dark Heart - the plot of which took an inspired twist from where I had planned to go in the shower yesterday (my best thinking place - maybe because I'm only half awake).

Tune: Opposite - Biffy Clyro.

Have a good weekend.

PS:  Two All - All for One is free again tomorrow and next Saturday - either that or it's free today and free again next Sunday - can't quite remember which and am too lazy to check :)

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