Saturday, 12 October 2013

Running, Reincarnating and Ruminating

Today was beautiful.  Were it not for the less than balmy temperature, one may have been fooled into thinking it was summer.  I still loused out of doing anything in the garden - and I used to be so keen around the old backdoor flora - working has had a seriously bad effect on me. 

Not that I was working today, apart from locking up at 5pm.  Nope, today I had a most delightful run (15.65km) out through the village; over the Bridge to Nowhere and up to the waterfall - where I couldn't resist paddling about in the water. Then back via the Traigh Mhor - a long stretch of beach - one of three we boast in the village...well, not "in", on the edges of it - in would be too weird even for us.

Sadly, I came across a dead dolphin or porpoise, not sure which, that had got tangled up in a the rope of a marker, poor wee soul.  I understand it has been there a while because someone locally came across it last week and called the SSPCA who were less than chuffed as it was long since swimming in celestial seas or been reincarnated as something nice - I'm presuming something nice as I'm not sure you can get evil dolphins who might warrant a life as, I don't know, a sheep (well, it doesn't look much fun being a sheep to me!).  Followed up my gruesome discovery (actually I was centimetres from running THROUGH it - that would have put trainer cheese into perspective) with a run down into the waves.  My body was going: No! fuck off - I'm knackered - I just want to get home and die!  But my head had other ideas, and paddling about up to the knees in icy Atlantic breakers was number one on its list right then.

Ah well, even my body had to admit head had got it right this time as I stood there with the sand shifting under my feet and the sun all around, watching the seabirds force early reincarnation on fish.  It was just the business, certainly enough to get me all the way back up the hill past arguably (if you're feeling hard enough) the most scenic graveyard in the world.  I do feel the view is a bit wasted on the occupants but I shouted hello to them anyway - thankfully none of them replied - there's only so fast my poor wee leggies can go!

Final stretch is back along the main road to the house. I slapped "Welcome to the Black Parade" (My Chemical Romance) on my ipod and raced the lads to the last note - it was a tie (they were cheating and playing faster than usual, I swear).

By the time I made it home the boys (I include my husband in that) were quite distraught! What with all the paddling etc, I had been gone ages and it was nearly lunchtime and they were hungry!!  Only joking!  Not sure they'd noticed I was out  :)

Tune:"Same Old" (thanks Andrea :))

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