Sunday, 17 November 2013


Doesn't time fly when you finally remove your finger and get on with your sequel! I've tried various ways - as you know - to squeeze it out of hiding and then to make myself sit down and do the typey typey bit - but to no avail.  Yet again, it's thanks to a song that I've got going. It's been on my ipod forever, but when it popped around on a shuffle the other day, it was a bit of a eureka moment - like S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W was for Two All.  I'll tell you what it is at the end.  I just stick it on, and I'm in the zone, ready to go.  Hope it doesn't wear off - I've ordered the CD the song is on just to give it some backup.

News: I've joined the Back Gaelic Choir.  Okay, so now you are imagining something angelic with kilts. Well, last time I was in a Gaelic choir, many moons ago, my over-riding memory is of waking up on some stone steps outside one of the Victorian river front hotels in Inverness, at about 4:30 in the morning.  I could hear the ceilidh (that's a party with kilts) still going good guns inside, and I was disgusted - nay - mortified, by the condition I found myself in: I still had money in my purse and the bar was open! So I lurched back in - probably with my own kilt on sideways - it is, if I recall, de rigueur to have one's kilt side-ways, if not backwards, by that time in the morning, when attending the Mod.

 Note: The Mod is a week long party with kilts held somewhere in Scotland that thinks it's hard enough, with competitions in Gaelic singing and poetry and the pipes and other things of that ilk.  It's a  kiltfest.  Cheeky people have been known to call it the Whisky Olympics - I quite like that myself.

I don't know what happened the next day, by the way - I'm not sure there was one. 

That was a choir from long ago, who, by all accounts seem to have been amateurs compared to these guys - in every way!  And guess what, the Mod is in Inverness again next year! Oh man!

Tune: Psychosocial - Slipknot.

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