Saturday, 9 November 2013

Stuff, Snipers and Ghosts :)

Sorry I haven't been blogging - I've been a bit tied up and not in a bondage sort of way.  It wasn't that someone handcuffed me then had a heart attack, and I've only just chewed my way through the pink furry cuffs and dragged myself to the computer to blog.  No, it's more tied up in sort of a living kind of way and nothing even interesting... okay, one thing was a book launch........but not mine. And it was really quite annoying because although the author was interesting, the audience - or at least elements of the audience - were so irritating: laughing too loud at his jokes or nodding over vigorously at his observations. I know I can be a tad tetchy at times, but I really was wishing I had sniper on radio contact high up in the balcony at some points, and with a laser pen, I'd just point at whoever was bugging me: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" - bang- bump - gurgle - sorted - smiley face.

Yep, so I have been working on writing stuff - "The Paper Samurai" is with readers as we speak and "Rise of the Dark Heart/Awakening of "whatever it ends up called - my "Two All - All for One" follow up - is plotted, sorted and doing my nut in because there is so much of it and I desperately don't want it to be confusing but since it involves the creation of worlds - it's going to be, unless I write it ....right.

Okay - boring stuff over - what's been happening - well not much not even a ghost this year.  Did I tell you about my Tolsta ghost - probs have, well in case not here goes:

There I was out for an early morning run  - I don't do them anymore because my daughter, Ciorstaidh, said they might be the reason I keep having problems with my right leg (my bad leg)"morning shock" - she's at university so I tend to believe whatever she tells me although, given my recent experience with spinach - due to her recommendation - where I ended up thinking I had bowel cancer - I'm not so sure anymore.

Any hoo - where was I, early run, ghost day - oh yeah - well.... beautiful morning: freezing cold, sky so full of stars it couldn't even have been called black and shooting stars, so many shooting stars - if wishing on those buggers had any truth behind it I'd be writing this from writers re-hab in America somewhere by now. I came running down the hill (ocht - you know the one I mean - behind my house as you come towards the school) and as I came towards said school, a very tall, very thin man, who I could see through and who looked very raggedy, strode across in front of me. He was quite oblivious to my presence and went on his way, between two house to the moor beyond - he was in a hurry, definitely had something he needed to do or to get to.  Well, I'm a wee guy (4'10") and not exactly of an athletic build so my forward momentum had taken me to the bottom of the hill before my morning brain had even got through the sentence "WHA THE FU!" and there was no way these wee leggies were hauling themselves back up to see - given that I had already gathered that it was a ghost and he wouldn't exactly be hanging about for autographs.  Doubt me?  I walked that way to work a couple of hours later - just to see and there was an electric fence strung right across where he went - if it was a person he'd have had to jump, or at least break stride - he didn't - and if he was a carrier bag, as my husband suggested, then he wouldn't have had a face, legs and arms.  That was my second ghost.  Looking forward to number three. :)

TUNE: THE BROKEN RAVENS  - SCARLET WAVES - a Stornoway band who are VERY GOOD -  and only available right now on Soundcloud and I don't think I can figure out how to link that :)

Have a great weekend, love, Big Dxxxx

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