Tuesday, 31 December 2013


That's it really - Thank you to all my loyal readers and also the intermittent ones. I hope you have had a few laughs at my expense and otherwise.  It's been fun.  I will try to keep blogging but (thankfully) Dascaragh and the gang (you'd understand if you'd read my book - honestly) are kind of taking over my spare brain space, and they are more than welcome - having them back, soaking up even dream time, is brilliant.  I knew my scary girl (even scarier than my daughter and sisters) couldn't leave me in "peace" for too long.

If you read  anything in 2014 and you like contemporary fantasy/science fiction try out Chris Ward's Tube Riders trilogy - he's been a real help to me, and after you've read his try out mine "Two All- All for One" and my short story "The Paper Samurai" - I won't bother linking it, you only have to look it up on Amazon if you're interested.

Have a great 2014 - all the best,
Big Dxxxxx

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Seasonal Felicitations.

Ho ho ho - well, the presents are bought, the turkey is rotting slowly in the porch (coldest part of the house - no way that gigantic fecker was going to get into the fridge), and the halls are decked with spikey vegetation.  All that's left is to hope that that I only get a lump of coal in my stocking because if Santa deems me to have been "nice", I'll puke.

I love Christmas, always have.  Only two things annoy me about Christmas: Christians banging on about the "real meaning of Christmas" when they clearly ripped off a pagan winter festiva; and women on the radio (probably the TV too but I don't see that very often) banging on about "all the hard work involved", the horror and strain of cooking Christmas dinner, the preparation, the this, the that, blah blah blah.  YOU ARE MAKING IT HARD WORK ON YOURSELVES! Do you really think your family and friends will reel in horror if you don't stuff your brussel sprouts with anchovies eyeballs; if their isn't a dash of angel's tears - only available to purchase at the Marks and Spencers on the top of Mount Everest - in the gravy.  They couldn't give a stuff! I love doing Christmas dinner.  The first part is very very important though - opening MY bottle of champagne, after that - all's good.

Well, have a most excellent one, dear readers.

Saturday, 21 December 2013



My short story The Paper Samurai has gone live on kindle - here's the link:

Just thought I'd let you know, so that you know that just because I'm not blogging doesn't mean I'm twiddling my thumbs. Chances are, I'm actually knuckling down to actual story writing. 

So, am I all set for Christmas?  Your darn right I am - I've been ready for ages.  It's another symptom of my innate uncoolness that I CANNOT  leave things to the last minute. I envy people who can, but then I also want to punch their lights out for the smug assumption that the stars will align in their favour!  Yet again! No, I'll stick with some part of me assuming fate may vomit on my schedule.  Doubt if I could change anyway, not without actively making myself hold off, and I expect if I tried that, my eyeballs may explode with pent up anxiety - and that's just not a festive look.

Well, have a lovely Christmas and New Year.  I will, as my darling daughter, Ciorstaidh, is home from Uni (she made me say that) :) And if you have a spare hour and a spare 77p, why not download my latest offering.

TUNE: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=leanamh+and+aigh+-+coisir+sgire+a+bhac&sm=12 - had hoped to be able to post a link to the choir (including ME) doing the Gaelic version of Child in a Manger but it isn't on YouTube yet - this is lovely though - dispite the lack of my own dulcet tones :)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - and A FREE PROMOTION!

Hello people of the world  - how the hell are you?.........oops......there I go, using my foul language again and offending the masses.  Yes, this week I got my first bad review for "Two All - All for One" and it was because I have a potty mouth/pen/laptop keyboard/mind.  The lady in question didn't really have anything to say about my story, just that my use of profanity (my word - not hers) was, she suggested, "gratuitous" - definitely her word and not mine (I know, the wee inverted fellows gave that away, sorry).  You see now though, I'd disagree,  I'd say it is the way certain characters in my story were brought up, and that their hard lives are reflected in their hard language, 'cause not all of them are sweary folk at all.  The reviewer even said she tried to quote some of my text (which would have been totally out of context) but it was so rude (or something) Amazon wouldn't let her - "that says it all" she says, with a note of truimph.  Quite right, Mrs - you stick it to......me; I'm a menace to society; I am all that's wrong with the world today; I suspect I even love political correctness ( I do - it's called manners) and that I don't think health and safety has gone mad (ermm, not mad exactly, a lot of it's very sensible and the "nanny state" is the result of us becoming as litigious a society as the US) - see, I knew it - I appal myself!!

Now, unlike most of my characters, I'm a right sweary wee bugger, and I have no excuse!  My dear Mother used to give me an ear bashing for even saying so much as heck and she NEVER swore (unless you count the very rare "bloody"), and my Dad (sadly no longer pacing this planet - he's partying on another zone, these days) would muster an: Ocht, to hell!  if, say, his cracker landed butter-side down on the dog, but that's about it, and, yeah, that actually happened - once at least - and it was a hairy Jack Russell, not even something smooth coated where, bearing the five second rule in mind, he might have got off with it. So, my own personal penchant for the vernacular is a bit of a mystery really.  But there you go.

Anyway, as a result I no longer have five lovely shiny gold stars - I have 4 and a half, but that's okay because thanks to some lovely people, I have six BRILLIANT reviews for which I am eternally grateful and made-up to hell about, and with this new one - my one star one - no delicate flower is ever going to accidentally download it again and have to reach for the smelling salts. 

If you'd like to know just how offensive my book is, it's on a FREE PROMOTION  this weekend!!! Fill your boots, me hearties :) (the blue bit above, that's a link to it by the way).

Yours, Big D

PS: I've got my cover for my short story - The Paper Samurai, and just need to get it proofread then I'll be sticking it on kindle, too and d'you know what - there's barely a swear word in it (well, there's a bloody and a couple of bastards, but that's it!)