Tuesday, 31 December 2013


That's it really - Thank you to all my loyal readers and also the intermittent ones. I hope you have had a few laughs at my expense and otherwise.  It's been fun.  I will try to keep blogging but (thankfully) Dascaragh and the gang (you'd understand if you'd read my book - honestly) are kind of taking over my spare brain space, and they are more than welcome - having them back, soaking up even dream time, is brilliant.  I knew my scary girl (even scarier than my daughter and sisters) couldn't leave me in "peace" for too long.

If you read  anything in 2014 and you like contemporary fantasy/science fiction try out Chris Ward's Tube Riders trilogy - he's been a real help to me, and after you've read his try out mine "Two All- All for One" and my short story "The Paper Samurai" - I won't bother linking it, you only have to look it up on Amazon if you're interested.

Have a great 2014 - all the best,
Big Dxxxxx

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