Saturday, 21 December 2013



My short story The Paper Samurai has gone live on kindle - here's the link:

Just thought I'd let you know, so that you know that just because I'm not blogging doesn't mean I'm twiddling my thumbs. Chances are, I'm actually knuckling down to actual story writing. 

So, am I all set for Christmas?  Your darn right I am - I've been ready for ages.  It's another symptom of my innate uncoolness that I CANNOT  leave things to the last minute. I envy people who can, but then I also want to punch their lights out for the smug assumption that the stars will align in their favour!  Yet again! No, I'll stick with some part of me assuming fate may vomit on my schedule.  Doubt if I could change anyway, not without actively making myself hold off, and I expect if I tried that, my eyeballs may explode with pent up anxiety - and that's just not a festive look.

Well, have a lovely Christmas and New Year.  I will, as my darling daughter, Ciorstaidh, is home from Uni (she made me say that) :) And if you have a spare hour and a spare 77p, why not download my latest offering.

TUNE: - had hoped to be able to post a link to the choir (including ME) doing the Gaelic version of Child in a Manger but it isn't on YouTube yet - this is lovely though - dispite the lack of my own dulcet tones :)

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