Friday, 14 February 2014

A Wee Valentine's Poem

This to all my blog readers, Twitter followers and Facebook chums.

The Frog/Prince Dilema

I'm sure you're not a prince,
I'm almost fairly certain,
And even though my heart protests,
My heart..........well, it's smitten

Your wee green face and browny mottling,
Your buggy eyes and slimy coating,
All add up to make me sure,
That your the one...
My amphibious amour.

So pucker up and stop that squirming,
Prince or frog, this gal aint turning.
You're blood is cold and I aint green, 
So together we're the perfect team.

And finally - in conclusion,
Before you hop to your watery seclusion,
There is one thing I'd like to say-
-decisions made that will hold sway:
I'd miss you if you came back honoured,
Doublet, hose and sword and so on
So though your choices maybe wide ranging -
for me babes - don't go changing! :)


TUNE: the most romantic tune EVER! The Used ( others may come equal first as "the most romantic songs EVER" category but I do love this:)

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