Thursday, 13 February 2014


This is not a book review because I won't be naming the books. Why? Because I'm a big cheesy coward?  Maybe, but also because this is more of a general thing that I believe from bitching to others, isn't that uncommon in the world of ebooks.

Okay, pin back your eyeballs and get ready to be horrified on my account. There I was reading this particular book, purported to be full length - quite enjoying it, well, enjoying bits of it and skipping other bits because the author kept repeating himself and also because the comedy banter had become a bit tiresome. I thought I still had a fair bit to go and was settled in to enjoy the last quarter...when it ended. Just like that, suddenly, mid-story, and the next page said:  If you want to read more by this author here's a link.
NOT ON YOUR NELLY! NEVER! Dirty trick, I say, dirty trick.  Fool me once blah, blah, you've had all the sterling you'll get from this poor sap, sirrah!

To illustrate my point, let me put the following to you. Imagine you are reading the nativity story for the first time.  You've read how a big, supernatural guy has de-flowered a minor/barely legal teenage girl and how - to add more tension - a scary king had got his knickers in a knot and is planning unspeakable nastiness.  You've slogged your way through the heat and flies with the poor girl balanced precariously on the back of a donkey, accompanied by her loving, loyal (some may suggest gullible) partner; felt relief when they found an Inn; waited with bated breath while the busy Inn Keeper opened his cumbrous accommodation ledger and....the end. WTF!!!


Another one I downloaded recently was a short story - so I expected it to be short - the clue was in the category listing.  However, this was not just short, it was half the read I expected because the second half of the download was the first couple of chapters of one of her full length books - which I'd already read.

Double grrrr.

For a full length read - try my book: Two All - All for One or for a short read, approx 15 pages, my short story:  The Paper Samurai.

Yours, Big D


  1. Dunno about the ebooks you're reading (or "your reading" as peeps are wont to write) but loved the pithy, succinct nativity scene!

  2. I thank you :) You should hear me on the creation myth/story and as for poor fecking Jonah - all I'll say is megalasaurs (or something like that) :)