Sunday, 2 February 2014


Ha! I have a ton of ironing to do - I also have a ton of promoting to do (yes, I've actually been doing it see * at the end) and a ton of writing to do.  Ironing has to take priority right now.  What do I want to listen to whilst participating in this, the most enjoyable and relaxing of household tasks (that's not sarcasm, I actually like ironing) and the answer was - all my Slipknot.  Fine.  Except - I think this is just a reaction to having spent the morning, whilst making the food etc, listening to ....confession time.......RADIO 4!  Fuck it, what can I say, I got hooked on "The Archers" years ago and "Desert Island Discs"- well - it was Whispering Bob Thingy that was on it, and he was good, then it was a comedy show that I like, and  after that a cookery programme.  Cookery programmes on the radio are usually guaranteed to get me all angried up (I have a real bug up my bum about cookery programmes - must have mentioned it?) but it was actually very interesting. DAMN YOU RADIO 4!!  So, I will cleanse myself with Slipknot this afternoon.

* Yeah - weird thing - last Monday and Tuesday I had a free promotion on Two All - All for One (that's my book - this is the link) -
 and you'll never guess - I GOT TO NO.34 IN THE FREE DOWNLOADS FOR CONTEMPRARY FANTASY!  Flip sakes - pretty pleased - also left wondering how few downloads the poor buggers behind me were getting if I was no. 34!!!  Now Two All is back in with the big boys of my genre (the Game of Throne books, Terry Pratchett etc) it's at no.560 - but out of 35,000 odd - niii - I'm happy.

In other news, over dinner today, it turns out my 14 year old son thought he was getting taller than me because I (at 48) was shrinking - hadn't occurred to him that it might be that he was growing :)))  What A doofus :))))

See you soon,
Big D

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