Thursday, 20 February 2014


Watched a program last night about parasites.  Fascinating and disgusting in equal measure. It was talking about certain parasites effecting their host to the extend that the host pretty much commits suicide by as good as offering itself up for scoffing to a predator ie a mouse going looking for a cat and making sure it's seen. Plus the parasite slows down responses.  It even showed and infected snail who had changed its feelers/eyes from dull camouflaged brown to undulating oranges and greens like a stripey caterpillar and then instead of hiding under leaves etc was flaunting itself out in the open - basically wearing a sign saying "COME AND GET ME BIRDS! - OVER HERE - MMMMM, I'M TASTY" .  Freaky.

There was even the suggestion that people infected by this parasite (and it's quite a common one) are more likely to behave recklessly; taking risks with their own safety - presumably the parasites idea is that the person will go an pull a lion's whiskers but in the case of the average person this means walking too slowly in front of buses.

Oh I feel a story coming on :)

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