Sunday, 23 February 2014

Things To Be Aware of when Considering Publishing Your Book.


1. Believe your proof reader has spotted all type-os - turns out they won't have.  Now, if someone asked me to say, sell them a stamp and I sold them half a stamp but charged them for a whole one - I think they'd be justifiably peeved.  So, yeah, I'm justifiably peeved about this.  However, it seems to be how it goes - so if you want a better chance of getting your manuscript checked properly, get it proofread at least twice.

1. Save lots of money to pay to proofreaders.

For more wise words - go to another blog :)  For great tips on creative writing go to Inside Creative Writings web page and listen to his podcasts (note: try to ignore the seriously cheesy jingle).

Oh, and I finished a short ghost story today called: Medium Rare.

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