Wednesday, 12 February 2014

When My Two Brain Cells Collide.

Today, I had a brief but unnerving experience - I thought I have fallen through some sort of time/space warp thingy and ended up in an alternate universe/reality.  That's never happened on a Wednesday before.

There I was doing my regular Wednesday first thing job at work, that being phoning the coal merchants (MacAskill Fuels) for 6 prepacks for the shop. A cheery voice answered the phone: "Hello, Tolsta Community Shop," it slow motion here is my brain digesting this short sentence (bearing in mind,  I was calling from Tolsta Community Shop):

My Brain A (the problem solving section): I've dialled myself? How did I dial myself?
My Brain B (the not very helpful, grumpy bit): Flaming idiot!  How does that work - that's not me on the other end of the line for many, many reasons - not least of which is she sounds quite pleasant.
My Brain A: Where am I again?
My Brain B: *snort* - away with the fairies, out to lunch, chasing your marbles down a steep slope - take your pick babes.
My Brain A: Did I get a job at MacAskill Fuels and forget?
My Brain B:  Again - how the hell does that work?  Are you surrounded by sacks of coal? Did you travel to Stornoway this morning? Or are you in fact sitting at your desk as per a Wednesday morning?  She's just got caller display (the greatest invention of the 21st century) and she's having a laugh! Obviously!!
My Brain A: Ohhhh...I get it now (nodding sagely). No...this is an alternate reality or even universe, which is only fractionally different from the one I'm normally in. Although, clearly, I'm in both or indeed many at the same time. But somehow my awarenesses have got swapped around and instead of ME, this me, phoning MacAskill Fuels for coal, whoever is the Post Mistress/shop manager in Tolsta Community shop in THIS reality is receiving a call from ME - office person at the Coal Merchant.  Wonder why I'm calling - maybe we're out of sticks?
My Brain B:  Oh for the love of.......! I'M OUT OF HERE! *stomp, stomp, stomp*

Next thing I heard down the line was a lot of laughing, and the girl going: "I love doing that!!"

In my defence, we are talking a split second of rumination here, and despite me nearly giving myself a brain hernia (no, I don't mean hemorrhage) it was very funny, mostly because it was so unexpected - they've never really seemed the pranking types.  However, it has left me hoping that somewhere out there, in at least one of my alternate lives, I'm doing something a tad more swash buckling with my allotted span!  :)


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