Friday, 7 March 2014

Bit from the Prologue to my Sequel

'Egt Dreth Caill - The Dark Heart - Starfall Created, but one of a kind - rose up out of the pit, black Horde blood running from her in rivers.  She flicked the short axe she carried and a clod of something unpleasant flew from it. “So, what have you cheeky, little funsters been up to this time,” she said, addressing the Chief Architect. “Because I could have really lived without this, you know.  You’re just lucky The Desolation could get me here so fast.”  Grasping the end of her tail, she gave it a shake and a glob of congealing blood plopped off the leonine tuft at the end, as she shook out her midnight blue wings.  “Right – direct me to the backside that needs kicking or was this a cluster fuck up.”'

                   PS.  The original is called "Two All - All for One" and is available on kindle

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