Friday, 28 March 2014

Dr Ross MacIver at you Service.

Well, I'm back.  "Fall Out Boy" were most excellent.  The support band "New Politics" were also very good and gave it some wellie.  The other support band "The Pretty Reckless" were pretty bloody awful and had really annoying lights but hey ho.

Youngest son, James (13), very much enjoyed his first proper gig and my daughter, Ciorstaidh, and I would have given ourselves beamers (see also "red necks", "red faces", general warm feeling of embarrassment) had we been shy retiring sorts who had gone oddly crazy for one night only - but we're not - so we had an uninhibited ball.  We sang like banshees throughout, fist pumped, pointed a lot at some point up and in front (as you do) and generally showed large amounts of enjoyment and enthusiasm (all without the aid of excessive booze. I don't do that at such gigs in case I forget anything I saw or heard). Great fun, just what the doctor aught to prescribe:  "Yeah, sorry, Mr Boss, sir/madam, but the Doc says I've got to go and let it all hang.  And he says that at no point have I to give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks, so.....what can I do."

Tell you what!  I've just had a great idea!! If you want - nay - need to bugger off to a similar event but work/ a family member or similar are preventing you; either through emotional blackmail, regular blackmail or just by saying no - get them to email me and I'll pretend to be you GP. Fantastic, glad  I sorted that situation out for you, don't mention it.

Night :)

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